A fine Javanese 19th century Wendung.

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A fine Javanese 19th century Wendung.

Asal (origin): Yogyakarta

A ceremonial and ornamental knife, also called ‘Wedung’. With large, single-edged blade and pamor steel, forged with the utmost care from many different layers of iron (pattern type: ‘Kulit Semangka’). The large lower end of the blade, shaped in waves, grooves. The other, external half of hilt, with slanted white, light and dark brown stripes is made of the hard material of an Sumatran elephant’s molar cut in a pentagonal shape. The sheath of the ‘Wedung’ is made of fine Trembalo wood and is covered in five double, golden bands.

The external side of the sheath is decorated with an emblem in ‘mirabotta shape’, with blossoms and leafy tendrils. This emblem is made of gilt silver. A long, flexible hanger made of light-coloured horn is attached to the inside of the sheath by means of the golden bindings. It is used for lodging the ‘Wendung’ in the belt of a ceremonial sarong.

Overall, the present ‘Wedung’ is an especially valuable, opulent object that was reserved only for highest aristocratic circles of Java.

Length of the blade, including the hilt (Urikan): 28.8 cm.  (1x)

Note 1: Wedung is the name of a sub-district of Demak, North of Java, it is possible this Parang originated from this region. With its cleaver shape, it symbolizes the submission of the owner and his readiness to cut the jungle to pave the way to his sultan. The court etiquette requires the noble to wear a Keris in the back and a Wedung on the front. Wedung with pamor are said to be restricted to princes.

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