A large curved dagger, also known as ‘Wahabite Jambiya’. Saudi Arabia, 19th century

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A large curved dagger, also known as ‘Wahabite Jambiya’, with silver sheath

Saudi Arabia, 19th century

A typical Arabian ‘Wahabite Jambiya’ (curved dagger or shortsword), with slightly curved, double-edged blade. With a middle ridge partly engraved with curvilinear patterns. The hilt is decorated with high-quality silver: decorated with eight roses covered in small hemispheres, and with bands with motifs of knops, triangles and circles. The wooden sheath is completely covered in quality silver. Embellished with a décor of lines, dots and floral decoration, followed by a wrap of twisted silver wire. An old leather belt decorated with silver plaques is attached to the sheath.


Length 65 cm

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