A rare and unique 14th – 15th century ceremonial Javanese Keris Sajen.

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A rare and unique 14th – 15th century ceremonial Javanese Keris Sajen.

Umur (age): From the Hindu empire of Tangguh Majapahit era.

Keris with short hand forged Wilah (blade), consists of Pamor steel forged in different layers of iron (pattern type: ‘Sanak’), features the Dapur ‘Sajen’. (Sajen means ‘offerings’ in Javanese). The Keris Sajen with Spirit Figurine hilt inseparably attached to the iron blade. The Warangka sheath of a Gayaman, in divergent shape and patiently carved by hand in Kayu Ambon wood.

Length of the blade, including ‘Pesi’ (tang of the blade): 27.1 cm. (1x)

Note 1: The period from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century during the reign of the Javanese Hindu empire of Majapahit (1293-1500 CE), is considered the golden age of Indonesian art and culture. Royal artisans from the Majapahit Kingdom produced many masterpieces of art, including various exclusive Kerises and other pusaka (heirloom) treasures. Of the many Kerises made during that period there was one Dapur (shape) (Keris model) in particular that sparked the interest of the people. This, of course, is the Keris we now know as ‘Keris Sajen’. The Sajen also became immensely popular among Westerners, who erroneously called it ‘Keris Majapahit’ (or ‘Mojopahit’), referring to the historical period of time, in which it was made.

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