A terracotta figure of a yaksha or male nature spiritIndia, Chandraketugarh, 1st Century BC.

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A terracotta figure of a yaksha or male nature spirit

India, Chandraketugarh, 1st Century BC.

A finely moulded plaque of a standing male figure, wearing what appear to be long robes, the head and neck adorned with jewellery, the face carved with lips and incised eyes.

H  9 cm


Terracotta was widely used in early India to make animal and human figurines, as well as vessels, toys or bangles. The simplest hand-modelled female figurines, with split-pellet eyes and appliqué ornaments, may represent mother goddesses. More refined in form are the moulded plaques depicting female figures adorned with elaborate headdresses and jewellery.

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