A very rare rose gold gilt bronze figure of Avalokiteshvara, Western Himalaya, 14th century.

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A very rare rose gold gilt bronze figure of Avalokiteshvara

Western Himalaya, 14th century.

(The gold used in the gilding of this figure is rose gold, see catalogue note for more information)

Cast seated in vajraasana, wearing  on rectangular base. Wearing necklace drapery over his right shoulder, his waist line with a belt and lower dress which can be seen on his left ankle, the face with half closed almond shaped eyes and serene expression and adorned with finely detailed jewellery.

Height: 9.5 cm.


Rose gold is a gold–copper alloy. Rose gold, also known as pink gold and red gold. Although the names are often used interchangeably, the difference between red, rose, and pink gold is the copper content.

During ancient times, due to impurities in the smelting process, gold frequently turned a reddish colour. This is why many Greco-Roman texts, and even many texts from the Middle Ages, describe gold as “red”

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