An East Javanese Keris, with 14th-15th century blade.

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An East Javanese Keris, with 14th-15th century blade.

Asal (origin): Madura Pamekasan (possibly Empu Koso).

The Keris with a hand forged ‘13 Luk’ waved Wilah (blade), consists of Pamor steel forged in different layers of iron (pattern type: ‘Adeg Sapu’ and ‘Kinatah Emas Kemarongan’). Dapur in ‘Sangkelat’ (= Elephant trunk shape). Silver-gilded Mendak (cuff) of ‘Kendit’ type, between hilt and blade. Keris hilt (Urikan) in ‘Tumenggungan’ shape, and from Sperm whale tooth with fine carved Kuda Panoleh and crown details. Warangka (sheath) of ‘Daunan’ type (‘boat’ shaped) and made from Kemuning Surya wood patiently carved by hand. Gandar (body) (body) with silver gilded Pendok (cover), fine silver gilded Bunton Banyumas with ‘Alas Alasan’ pattern.

Length of the blade, including ‘Pesi’ (tang of the blade): 42.5 cm. (1x)

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