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‘La Marque Georges Richard Cycles & Automobiles’

Lithographic poster printed by: Affiches Artistiques Caby & Chardin, 17. Passage Daudin, Paris

Artist: PAL (= Jean de Paléologue

born 1855 – died 24 November 1942)

[Bears signature in image]

Dated: c.1890

Size: 156 x 111 cm.

Materials/Media: Original lithographic poster, linen backed

Provenance: The Boskovštejn Bike Museum, Czech Republic.


Note 1: Jean de Paleologu (or Paleologue) was a Romanian poster artist, painter and illustrator, who often used Pal or PAL as his signature or logo and was active in France and the United States.

He created some of the most influential poster advertisements for bicycle manufacturers (such as the Déesse) and cycling events, often featuring beautiful women. He also painted some portraits of comedians and music–hall performers.

During the latter part of his life in the United States, he worked in applied graphics: at first magazines, later ads and publicity for the auto, film and animation industries. Paleologu died in Miami Beach.


Note 2: Founded by the brothers Georges and Max Richard in 1893, Georges Richard only had three years of bicycle manufacturing before turning to automobile production. Here, the company’s trademark four–leaf clover is front and center.

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