Elephant Head, Bini Edo People, Nigeria. 1960.

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Elephant Head, Bini Edo People, Nigeria. 1960.
A bronze head of an elephant made by the lost wax method. Large lentoid shaped eyes to the side of the head with engraved details. To the front a raised trunk with curving tusks to either side. Large openwork ears to the back of the head. To the surface of the head a series of spirals consisting of coiled wire.

They are also important tools for maintaining communication between the living and the dead. As a divine monarch, the oba does not relinquish his influence when he departs this world. Ancestral altars are among the primary means by which a living oba transcends the earthly realm to commune with his predecessors for the good of the kingdom.

Length: 50 cm

Property from a Belgium private collection

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