Hieronymus-Jérôme WIERIX (1553 – 1619)

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Hieronymus-Jérôme WIERIX

(Dutch, born Antwerp 1553 – died Antwerp 1619)

“Melencolia I”, 1602. After Albrecht Dürer (German, 1471–1528) Melencolia I, 1514. Various collectors marks (verso)

Engraving, with thread margins, a fine evenly printed silvery impression, 23.8 x19 cm.

Artist information:

Hieronymus Wierix was a Flemish engraver, draughtsman and publisher. He is known for his reproductive engravings after the work of well-known local and foreign artists including Albrecht Dürer. Together with other members of the Wierix family of engravers he played an important role in spreading appreciation for Netherlandish art abroad as well as in creating art that supported the Catholic cause in the Southern Netherlands.


Melencolia I (1514) is the most famous and enduring of all Dürer’s works is a meditation on creativity, the darkness of imagination and the agony of ambition. In this print he fuses medical and philosophical ideas to create an image of artistic genius as innately brooding, solitary and saturnine that has endured, via Romanticism, right down to our own day

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