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‘Peregrine Cycles The Leicester Cycle Co. Leicester’

Lithographic poster printed by: The Dangerfield Printing Company, London

Artist: Anonymous

Dated: c.1900

Size: 143.5 x 98 cm.

Materials/Media: Original lithographic poster, linen backed

Provenance: The Boskovštejn Bike Museum, Czech Republic.


Note: The Dangerfield Printing Company was founded in 1895 and was then located at 22, 21 & 23 Bedford street, Strand, WC [London]. From 1896 on the Frederick Dangerfield’s factory moved to Inkerman Road, St Albans with his lithographic plant and was then specialised in the printing of large colour advertising posters and transfers for railway coaches, buses and trams. In 1940 Dangerfield’s, bought by Eversheds who was bombed out of their site at Bow, East London. They built an extension to it from the wreckage of the Bow site; after WW2 the build a larger and modern factory. Eversheds continued to print there until the late 1990s.

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