Philips WOUWERMAN (1619 – 1668)

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Philips WOUWERMAN (circle of)

Dutch, baptized Haarlem – died Haarlem 1668

“Workplace of a Farrier at a ruin“

Monogrammed lower left: ‘W’

Verso with label: ‘….wermanns’

Oil on canvas, 33.5 x 33 cm

Artist information:

Philips Wouwerman was a Dutch painter and draftsman. He mainly painted horses and battlefields. His work shows a lot of dynamics and drama and is easy to recognize: a white horse is one of his trademarks. Wouwerman was a student of his father and Frans Hals. He was very popular in his time and managed to create demand for his work. A lot of money was paid for his paintings in the 18th century. Stadholder Willem V even paid 4575 guilders for one of his paintings. More than ever was paid for a Rembrandt or Vermeer at that time. Nevertheless, today Wouwerman is hardly known among the general public. In the past more than 1,200 works were attributed to Philips Wouwerman. Today about half of these paintings are attributed to him.

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