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‘Terrot & Cie, Dijon Bicyclettes de Tourisme’

Lithographic poster printed by: La Lithographie Parisienne Robin, director, Paris

This chromolithographic image was drawing on stone by: A. Gallice, Paris

Artist: Francisco Nicolas Tamagno (Italian, born Turin 1851 – died 1933)

[Bears signature in image]

Dated: 1905

Size: 138 x 96 cm.

Materials/Media: Original lithographic poster, linen backed

Provenance: The Boskovštejn Bike Museum, Czech Republic.


Note 1: The company Terrot was started as a machinery factory by Charles Terrot and Wilhelm Stucklen in Germany, 1862. In 1887, they opened their second location in Dijon, France. In 1890, the factory started to produce bicycles in Cannstadt. Furthermore, the factory began manufacturing motorcycles as well. For this particular poster, Tamagno was responsible with designing the art, while Gallice was the ‘chromist’, which is the person who actually draws the chromolithographic image on the stone.


Note 2: Francisco Tamagno was born in Turin, in 1851. He died in Paris in 1933. Originally starting out as a portrait painter, he moved to Paris in the 1880s where he worked as the lead designer for the Camis printing house. He is particularly known for his bicycle poster designs he created for Terrot Cycles

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