Two Ancestor Figures, Dogon People, Mali. 1940.

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Two Ancestor Figures, Dogon People, Mali. 1940.
A pair of bronze ancestor figures consisting of: a stylised human figure wearing a conical headdress, with heavy brow and pellet eyes, long nose and fleshy lips. Seated with left leg folded under, right leg bent at the knee and with right hand resting on knee, left hand resting on left thigh. A stylised human seated figure with large head and prominent ears, arms bent at the elbows with hands behind the head. The body with applied nipples. Legs extended forward with knees bent. Another figure, seated with legs extended and bent at the knee. Arms stretched forward with elbows resting on the knees, hands to the cheeks.

H. 4 cm and 3 cm

Property from a Belgium private collection

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